ISA Cruising training reviewed

04 October 2015

The ISA Cruising Scheme has been undergoing a review which was initiated in late 2014 to identify the most effective and sustainable system for training cruising sailors in Ireland. The views of stakeholders with an interest in the development of cruiser training were sought, along with discussions with Cruising Schools, the Royal Yachting Association and the Marine Survey Office. The creation of a Working group to present proposals to the Training Policy Group led to final recommendations, which were approved by the group in August 2015.

  • ISA accredited Training Centres will continue to issue practical and shore based ISA certification.
  • ISA shorebased schools will use RYA shore based packs for their training and ISA certificates will be issued.
  • ISA practical and shore based cruising instructors to be qualified using RYA training system.
  • ISA will set up an opportunity for ISA instructors to undertake a special conversion course to convert them to the revised system.
  • ISA Examiners will be re-appointed by the Training Policy Group and maintain valid practical instructor qualifications.
  • ISA inspectors will inspect ISA Training Centres that do not also have RYA accreditation.
  • All ISA accredited practical cruising schools must comply with "Rules off Equivalency for Commercially Operating Sailing craft less than 24m and 80GT, engaged in Sail training to operate as a P6 ComSail Passenger Boat (COMSAIL RULES 2008).

In summary: All certification will continue to be ISA qualifications and ISA Cruising training centres will continue to be accredited by the ISA. The ISA theory training will be run using RYA shore packs, and there are no changes to the ISA practical cruising scheme.

If you would like further clarification of any of the changes or details on the Instructor conversions please contact Gail MacAllister.