Entry List for Wave Regatta

You cannot enter this event at this time

Boat Class Boat Name Boat Model Club Lambay only
Puppeteer 22 blue velvet HYC Yes
Puppeteer 22 Ibis Puppeteer HYC Yes
Puppeteer 22 Gold Dust HYC Yes
Puppeteer 22 Trick or Treat HYC Yes
Cruiser Non Spinny Rebellion LAMBAY 60 HYC Yes
Howth 17 Deilginis H17 HYC Yes
Howth 17 Rita H17 HYC Yes
Cruiser Non Spinny Arcturus Jeanneau SO 37 HYC Yes
Class 2 Estrellita Noray 38 RIYC Yes
Howth 17 Rosemary HYC Yes
Howth 17 Gladys Howth 17 HYC Yes
Cruiser Non Spinny Mystique of malahide Sun fizz HYC Yes
Puppeteer 22 Pinocchio Puppeteer 22 HYC Yes
Class 2 Avalon Beneteau 31.7 RStGYC Yes
Cruiser Non Spinny Baily ll Harmony 38 HYC Yes
Howth 17 Isobel HYC Yes
Ruffian 23 Ripples Ruffian 23 DMYC Yes
Cruiser Non Spinny Taurus Janneau Sun Odyssey HYC Yes
Class 2 Oystercatcher Gibsea 37 grey... Yes
Class 2 Freyja of Courtown Harbour Oceanis 37 cour... Yes
Cruiser Non Spinny Sante Bavaria 30C RStGYC Yes
Howth 17 Anita H17 HYC Yes
Class 3 Shenanigans Feeling 850 MYC Yes
J80 George 5 J80 RStGYC
Class 1 Chimaera RIYC
Sigma 33 Flyover wate...
Class 1 Indian J109 HYC
Sigma 33 Insider Sigma 33 HYC
Class 2 Final Call Beneteau First 31.7 ruyc...
Cruiser Non Spinny Thar Saile Jenneau Sun Odyssey 35 HYC
Sigma 33 cascade sigma 33 HYC
Class 0 Forty Licks First 40 ruyc...
Class 2 Wardance Sigma 38 mull...
Class 1 JellyBaby J109 roya...
Cruiser Non Spinny Toughnut Mg335 HYC
Class 3 Legal Alien J24 HYC
Class 3 Nyroca Sadler 25 hsbc...
Class 0 YOYO Sunfast 3600 RStGYC
Class 3 Lady J J24 foyn...
Class 3 Viking X 302 HYC
Class 2 The Big Picture Humphreys half tonner HYC
Cruiser Non Spinny Out&About Benetau 38 HYC
Class 3 Starlet Hunter Formula 28 RStGYC
Class 2 Lambay Rules J97 HYC
Class 3 No Excuse X302 HYC
Class 3 XEBEC X 302 HYC
Class 3 Eclipse Corby 25 tral...
J80 BOSHAM J80 bosh...
Sigma 33 Elandra Sigma33 RIYC
Class 3 Kahera Hunter Impala MYC
Class 2 Jeneral Lee J97 HYC
Class 2 Miss Whiplash Half Tonner roya...
Cruiser Non Spinny Force Five Elan 31 HYC
Class 3 Jumpin' Jive J/24 grey...
Class 1 Samatom XC45 HYC
Class 2 Camira Beneteau 31.7 DLM
J80 Jammy HYC
Class 2 Magic Touch Beneteau First 34.7 grey...
Class 1 Storm J109 RSC
Class 2 Harmony Half Tonner HYC
Class 2 Rosie Corby 25 HYC
Cruiser Non Spinny Tiger Beneteau First 40.7 HYC
Class 2 Kingone Halftoner RSC
Class 3 Animal Formula 28 HYC
Class 3 BonJourNo! Part Deux Dynamo 25 monk...
Cruiser Non Spinny Demelza Club shamrock HYC
Class 2 Mata Half tonner, andrieu HYC
Class 3 Alliance II Laser 28 HYC
Class 1 Supergroove Dibley 8M ASC
Sigma 33 Leeuwin Sigma 33 RIYC
Class 0 Prima Forte Beneteau First 40 RIYC
Class 3 ELEINT Trapper 300 DMYC
Class 2 Ruthless Corby 26 NYC
J80 mojo J 80 HYC
Cruiser Non Spinny Neidin Oceanis 351 DMYC
Class 0 Jump Juice Ker 37 rcyc...
Class 1 Nieulargo Grand Soleil 40 B+C roya...
Class 0 SIGNAL 8 KER 40* roya...
Class 2 Checkmate XV Half Tonner HYC
Class 2 Checkmate XVIII Half Tonner HYC
J80 Red Cloud J80 HYC
Class 3 Dux X302 HYC
Class 1 OutraJeous J109 HYC