Final Armada for 2021 to Lambay's 'Saltpan Bay'

12 October 2021
Final Armada for 2021 to Lambay's 'Saltpan Bay'
The final 2021 Armada to Saltpan Bay last Saturday attracted the participation of 16 yachts. The early morning start was cloudy and damp with an unsettling swell. However, our Cruising Group was once more rewarded with a blue sky and sunny afternoon. The 16 yachts which anchored in Saltpan Bay were a spectacular sight.
The bird life on Lambay Island have all now migrated south with the exception of a flock of Gannets still nesting on the cliffs. Grey seals and a pod of porpoises circled the fleet of boats in wonder of what was going on. Many yachts after having lunch, circumnavigates this majestic island anticlockwise before passing our colourful racing fleet and heading for home.
The motorboat Ransom's engine would not start after lunch, so Admiral O'Neill's boat Gerryatric came to the rescue and put the boat in tow. Garry Davis on Bluebird stood by in case of any further difficulty and the club launch assisted with Ransom berthing at the Marina. A fantastic demonstration of teamwork and comradeship from members of our Cruising Group and Club staff who are always willing to assist and share marine knowledge.
We have had 5 successful  Armadas to date this year and a big thanks to Gerry O'Neill for his courage and enthusiasm in motivating us all to hold these events. Photographs taken of this event are attached in the Gallery.
Many thanks to all participating yachts and crew for a wonderful end of year event.
Willie Kearney
Cruising Group Captain